Walk-in Clinic


Booking an appointment in the Walk in Clinic:

This clinic is now accepting appointments in two ways: IN PERSON OR BY PHONE:

Appointments can be made in person at the front desk of the clinic (see under “ Contacts”  tab  for operating hours and clinic phone number)

Same Day appointments can also be made by phone, AFTER 10:30 EACH DAY for same day appointments. (open to all patients, with or without their own family doctor,  while space available). The phone greeting will give you information regarding whether or not there are still walk in clinic appointments available for the day.

****NEXT DAY APPOINTMENT BOOKINGS  ARE  AVAILABLE  ONLY  TO PATIENTS WHO DO NOT HAVE A FAMILY DOCTOR. Booking this type of appointment can be done by coming into the clinic or phoning after 10:30 a.m. and booking the appointment for the next day ****

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